Paparazzi, spectators or bad weather. OYSTER ROOMS guarantee privacy and wellbeing.


OYSTER ROOMS eliminate major risks for VIPs in public areas. The construction can be made bulletproof.


OYSTER ROOMS are high-end products, that offer all amenities ultra-high net-worth individuals expect. The interior and the front can be exclusively designed to the target group’s needs – everything is possible.


The OYSTER ROOMS can be combined according to your needs. Due to its mobility, its issue-oriented flexibility and its quality, OYSTER guarantees a long-term operational readiness.

Ask us for advice about use, concept development and realization. OYSTER ROOMS are exceptional. Our service is accordingly individual.


OYSTER ROOMS are unique. They can be easily adapted to new customer requirements. Thus, the design and the furnishings can be adapted to your wishes.

For us perfection is in the detail.



All OYSTER ROOMS are made in Switzerland according to the highest standards.


Only sustainable materials that can be recycled are used.


Due to its casing it is suitable for any outdoor and indoor use.


The modules are suitable for a wide range of applications: Exclusive space for guest care and service, product presentations, special events, VIP high security area or private hideaway. 

Every desired interior and exterior design can be exclusively realized. Due to its mobility, almost every location is accessible: Far-off mountain regions, ski resorts, deserts or islands.

The OYSTER combines highest privacy, security and luxury for ultra-high net-worth individuals.

Andreas Vils, Architecture • Linus Heini, Finance • Hans von Pfuhlstein, Business Development • Caroline Peretti, Design

OYSTER ROOMS are offered for sale and rent

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